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South Metro Dentistry is focused on providing top notch dental care in a professional and comfortable environment. We are focused on the overall health of each patient’s mouth and keeping your teeth looking and feeling great! 

 Services that we offer as a part of our general dentistry practice include: 


What Sets Us Apart

We work as a team to provide expert communication and ease any fears or anxiety so that you can trust us to provide the best care for your teeth and mouth.

South Metro Dentistry is focused on providing the latest and techniques and newest advancements in dental care and health to set us apart and provide you with the best possible experience at the dentist. Some of the things you can expect include:

  • We use the latest advancements in filling materials and techniques.
  • You can expect that we will take a health history to better understand any conditions or medications that may affect your mouth and cause cavities, gum erosion or dry mouth
  • We use advanced anesthetic techniques, including topical anesthetics to make sure you are comfortable at all stages of dental treatment.
  • We partner with a local lab to provide excellent quality control for crowns or bridges in an effort to minimize adjustments and follow-up appointments.
  • Our dental hygienists provide superior cleanings utilizing the latest equipment which provide a deeper cleaning and more comfortable experience.
  • We offer deeper cleanings to aid in creating healthy gums and healthy bone.
  • We offer ultrasonic cleaning, which is a much gentler way to remove hard plaque than picking or scaling the teeth. It is more comfortable, takes less time and patients typically prefer it over traditional scaling.
  • We provide anti- inflammatory and antioxidant mouth rinses and gels 
  • We utilize saliva tests to identify problematic bacteria. This helps us identify the underlying cause of the infection and best way to treat it.

Don’t put off scheduling your next cleaning or completing any dental repairs. A healthy mouth is directly related to a healthy body. Our friendly environment and knowledgeable experts will make it easy and comfortable for you to get the dental care you need. 

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