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Restorative Dental Care at South Metro Dentistry

Restorative dental care is the art and science of restoring form, function and renewing health to the mouth and teeth. Cracked, chipped or worn teeth, missing teeth, old fillings and broken crowns can all have underlying causes that may stem from grinding, misaligned teeth and a poor bite.  At South Metro Dentistry we are specialists in engineering the best solutions for a lasting result that will leave you feeling confident in the function and appearance of your teeth. We specialize in treating the head and neck as a system and we provide holistic approach to your dentistry. We want to bring your smile alive again and work pro-actively to keep teeth healthy and avoid expensive and complex repairs. 

Unlike most dentists who just repair problems tooth by tooth, our team specializes in detailed diagnostic assessment to determine if there is a functional problem that is leading to dental problems. We offer the latest advancements in x-ray imaging, utilizing this information to model your bite and simulate changes before treating your condition. This helps us assess any problem areas and formulate the best treatment plan to restore the mouth. We analyze the bite and any cracking or fractures in the teeth to determine what can be done to save the teeth, protect the nerve, prevent inflammation and infection and ultimately determine what restorative process and product will allow for the very best outcome.

We use intraoral photography to help diagnose and communicate any cracks in the teeth, broken fillings or leakage around old fillings. We work with you to formulate a plan to repair any dental issues and address any underlying issues with the bite or alignment that can help avoid future issues. Sometimes we will recommend that the teeth be aligned with Invisalign prior to completing restorative work. Our goal is always to increase the longevity of the teeth and at the same time we want to renew your smile and make your teeth look and function at their best. 

Restorative treatments available at South Metro Dentistry include: 

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